31 Days of All Things Home: Gratitude~

Welcome to day 21 of 31 Days of All Things Home!

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I had a hard time figuring out what to post about today.  You see, I have half-finished projects galore. My dining room is full of bins and boxes with swag and other fun stuff for the Decorating For Real Life book launch party on Thursday.  My basement is in the process of being painted.  Everything is a mess...but you know why?  Because I'm blessed.

I'm a type A personality.  Mess and clutter make me a little bit crazy.  So when I start to get overwhelmed by the less-than-organized home around me, I remember that all the craziness is the result of blessings.  It's true...

I have a new house.  I worked hard and bought the house all by myself.  I have a garage that is still full of boxes because I have stuff.  Yes, stuff...that I will be moving into the new house that I bought...by myself...because I worked hard.

I have a dining room full of boxes and bins with swag in them.  Swag that I am giving to people who are coming to celebrate my book launch.  Because I wrote a book.  And it got published.  (It's pretty crazy to type those words because it still seems surreal).

My dining room on a clean day. 

I have half-finished projects all over the place because I am in the process of writing book number 2...while I am moving into my new house...that I bought...by myself...because I worked hard.

I have kid clutter everywhere because I have four beautiful children that make me crazy and happy and bursting-at-the-seams with love.

My favorite photo of  my kids. like. ever.

And so when I don't have anything to post about because my projects aren't finished and my house is a mess, I really do have something to post about...the blessings in my life.  They are real.  And I am grateful for them.


31 Days of All Things Home: HGTV on Netflix~

It's day 20 of 31 Days of All Things Home!

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Today I'm going to share with you my recent exciting discovery which you probably already know about and are gonna think I'm really slow.  But anyhoo....I was beyond excited to find out that several of my favorite HGTV shows are now available on Netflix.

Actually, I wasn't the one who discovered it.  My kids were.  Luckily, they know their mom well enough, that when they saw HGTV shows were available, they told me about it!

I just love Property Brothers - and Buying & Selling - which are both featured!

photo via HGTV.com

And my other favorite real estate/design series Love It or List It is there as well!

photo via FresnoBeehive.com

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31 Days of All Things Home: I Love These New Sofas~

Welcome to day 19 of 31 Days of All Things Home!

Yesterday as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw something amazing.  (Okay, well, it was amazing to me anyway).  As they do every year at this time, IKEA has introduced a bunch of new products.  And this year, I'm absolute loving their new line of Stocksund sofas - like yesterday, this is not a paid post...just something I really want to share.

Check out this beauty..
Classic lines, tailored styling.  And of course, I love me some charcoal gray.  But it also comes in two other colors.

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